One week or 3 days of ULTIMATE CHALLENGE: STEAM Adventures

The most exciting & popular adventure of 2018 for youth ages:

from 9 to 18 years old

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Summer Camp: Cinco dias únicos e cheio de energias

Robotics & Game Development Plus 3D Printer 


By JumpUP Learning & Flawless Victory

With support of Beeverycreative

This summer, you got the opportunity to be part of this amazing adventure. Robotics, Gaming Development, 3D Printer, Competition.

Igniting young minds,
It’s a competitive sport,
It’s a life experience,
It’s an opportunity,
It’s a community,
It’s amazing!

Schedule: 10:00 until 17h30. Attention: Special offer for "Bring a friend".

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Costs and Conditions

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